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Calverton Road

Type : WoodlandGedling

Calverton Road

Calverton Road Nature Reserve is in the District of Gedling alongside the Calverton Road between Arnold and Dorket Head. The 2.8 hectare site is licenced by the Trust from Gedling Borough Council and is open to the public.

About the Reserve

The reserve is a reclaimed domestic tip site with a south to southeast aspect with banks to the southern and western boundaries. Since the reserve is a reclaimed refuse tip, the majority of the trees and the grassland are the result of the restoration process. However, there are a number of mature trees in the southwest corner including lime and hawthorn whilst a number of sycamore trees can be found in the northeast corner. The plantation consists of a mixture of alder, rowan, whitebeam, field maple, red oak and a small number of sycamores. The roadside hedge contains a mixture of species including hawthorn, ash, field maple, buckthorn and crab apple. Wild clematis (old man’s beard) grows in the hedgerow. The grassland is species poor but over 70 species of plant have now been recorded on the site. A footpath has been created round the reserve allowing good access.

The birds to be seen are largely those to be expected in farmland areas such as linnet, wood pigeon and chaffinch but grey partridge has been recorded and kestrels are frequent. In summer look out for willow warblers and whitethroat. Butterfly sightings include orange tip, small heath, wall and meadow brown.

For some more pictures of the reserve please go to our flickr set[email protected]/sets/72157630709819502/


Conservation Management

Aside from keeping the paths open, the main management activity is to mow the grassland in summer and remove the cuttings to help improve the diversity of species.

How to Get There

The reserve can be accessed from Calverton Road in Arnold, and the entrance is on the left of the road close to the Dorket Head crossroads. Alternatively from the Mapperley Plains Road turn left onto Woodborough Lane (B684) and turn left at the Dorket Head cross roads, the reserve then being on the right. There is no designated car park so visitors are asked to park carefully at the side of the road (SK573471). For the purposes of SatNav, use NG5 8SW and follow the instructions above.

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Further Information

If you would like further details about the reserve, or if you are interested in getting involved in the management of the site, please call the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Office on 0115 958 8242

Calverton Road Reserve Map

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