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Fairham Brook

Type : WetlandNottingham

Fairham Brook

The site covers 10.8ha of grassland and scrub and the left bank of the northward-flowing Fairham Brook and is relict lowland fen bog. The was leased from Nottingham City Council between 1970 and 2018 when it returned to the management of the City Council.

About the Reserve

Formerly an area dominated by marshy grassland, the reserve has been affected by a lack of grazing and a significant drop in water table in recent decades. Today, the grassland has become rather rank and is being replaced by willow scrub whilst a small area retains an exceptional flora including great burnet, dropwort, lady’s bedstraw and tormentil. Areas of dry reedbed still remain and a recently excavated pond supports frogs, toads and newts.

Some species, including harvest mice and various breeding birds and invertebrates have benefited from the transformation of the grassland areas, but the Brook itself has declined in value for wildlife since it was partly canalised.

The reserve holds a good variety of invertebrates including butterflies, moths and dragonflies including at least one county rare moth, the cream-bordered green pea. The variety of birds seen on the reserve is quite varied with many species of farmland bird mixing with the more urban and wetland species. In recent years hobby has been regularly observed, probably attracted by the numbers of dragonflies available. Farmland species such as pheasant and quail are occasionally flushed from the rank vegetation and kingfishers have been seen along the brook.

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Conservation Management

For many years the site has suffered from vandalism and dumping, and much management effort has therefore been devoted to counteracting these problems. It is hoped that future work will be able to concentrate on positive action, such as continued scrub control and sensitive management of the grassland to retain its value for both flora and fauna.

How to Get There

The main point of access to the reserve (SK561338) is on Green Lane, Clifton. The reserve stretches south from here and follows the west bank of Fairham Brook for half a mile. It is open to the public. If using SatNav, enter NG11 8LT and follow the directions above.

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