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Albumedix are working with Nottinghamshire Wildlife to Inspire Scientists of the Future

Monday 27th June

Albumedix are working with Nottinghamshire Wildlife to Inspire Scientists of the Future

Albumedix, a world leading biopharmaceutical company based in Nottingham, are working with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to bring the wonders of nature to children through scientific discovery by sponsoring the Wildlife Trusts “Wild Science” initiative.  “Wild Science” is all about equipping the next generation with the knowledge and passion to love and protect our natural environment and maybe inspire future career paths such as working as a scientist, an ecologist or a conservationist.  In order to inspire children to become the next generation of scientists and technologists, the Trust is working to ensure that their scientific work continues through the different stages of education and will be re-training their education team to run new A-Level standard sessions.

“Wild Science” is a truly innovative partnership which brings together science, nature, business and charity through outdoor learning sessions.  These sessions will enable children and young people at all levels of education to explore the forces of nature through games and experiments and record real data that will influence the future management of our nature reserves. It provides opportunities for children to explore nature through play and formal learning at our Attenborough Nature Centre and Idle Valley Nature Reserve.

As well as providing key financial support, Albumedix will be taking an active part in helping to deliver some of the sessions by volunteering with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Education Team.  This will also give the young people a chance to meet real scientists and technologists from the business world.

Albumedix members of staff taking part in the sessions will not only gain a sense of wellbeing from being in a natural environment, but they will also be able to use their knowledge and enthusiasm for science to add value to the sessions as well as inspiring the children in the wonders of scientific discovery.

Andrew Shaw from the education team at Attenborough commented, “Learning outside the classroom is an important component of a child’s education, and there is nothing more enjoyable than becoming a ‘wild scientist’ and exploring the habitats – woods, meadow and pond – at Attenborough Nature Reserve. These interactive sessions allow the pupils to use their science skills in the natural environment and to investigate the health of our habitats and the diversity of life found within them. The sessions support the national curriculum so the children’s learning continues beyond their experience here at Attenborough.”

Kate Denton from Albumedix stated “Albumedix is a science based company reliant on the talents and skills of our research scientists and technicians.  We recognise the importance of developing scientific interest and understanding in young children as they will be the scientists and technologists of the future.  We are very excited to be able to work with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust on this innovative scheme and we are looking forward to contributing our knowledge and expertise to support the Trust’s Education Team during some of the “Wild Science” initiative.

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