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Aldercar Flash Nature Reserve Habitat Revitalisation

Tuesday 30th September

Aldercar Flash Nature Reserve  Habitat Revitalisation

Work to improve Aldercar Flash Nature Reserve, near Erewash, has begun.

The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve features a mixture of wetland and grassland, which is rare habitat in the county.

The project will help protect the marsh habitat, whilst creating ideal conditions for wading birds.

The work is being funded by a £8,746 grant from Biffaward (the landfill communities fund) and £1,515 from Broxtowe Borough Council under the ‘Broxtowe Action Fund’ programme.

The Wildlife Trust purchased Aldercar flash in 1996 from British Coal. It forms a significant ‘green space’ and is an important part of Erewash Meadows.

The project, due to be completed in November, will help to increase biodiversity and wildlife at the site through careful habitat management work.

The Wildlife Trust plans to use grazing cattle to manage the marshland, as they eat the longer grasses and leave the more delicate flowers underneath. The scrapes (areas of standing water or wetland) will be cleared and increased in size, as they provide an important feature for wading birds and invertebrates. Scrub, which is growing on the site, will be substantially reduced as a result of the increased water levels – allowing more diverse and interesting plants to thrive.

Staff and volunteers from the Wildlife Trust will also be chopping back reed beds to prevent them from drying out the marsh.

Erin McDaid, Communications Manager for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Aldercar is intrinsically attractive, with an interesting mix of mainly wetland habitats alongside the picturesque River Erewash. The grassland area is botanically rich and the reserve provides year-round bird interest. This project will make a significant contribution to protecting marsh habitat from further loss within the county.

“The project represents a holistic approach to conservation and habitat management on this site, which is vital for increased biodiversity and wildlife value.”

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