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Feed The Birds Roadshow at much loved local Nature Reserve

Wednesday 18th October

Feed The Birds Roadshow at much loved local Nature Reserve

Come and meet the people who grow the seed and create the mixes of bird feed in person. Nicholas and his grandson Tim, from family run Vine House Farm (VHF), will be available at Attenborough Nature Reserve on Sunday 22nd October with a roadshow of advice and bulk bags of bird feed for sale.

The Vine House Farm team from the conservation award winning family farm will be on site at Attenborough from 9am to 6pm providing advice for feeding garden birds as well as  those found on the much loved nature reserve. VHF will be selling 25kg bulk bags of food which is a great way to stock up for the winter, which is a prime time to keep feeding your garden birds when natural food sources become harder to find.

Nicholas said “I’m looking forward to visiting Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Attenborough Nature Reserve again and to meet the local customers directly. As a ‘from farm to feeder’ supplier we love to hear the customers’ stories. I’m keen to see the friendly robins on the reserve that feed from people’s hands.”

“In the coming weeks our resident bird species will be busy trying to build up their fat reserves to see them through the winter. Once the cold weather arrives, it will become increasingly difficult for these birds to find adequate supplies of natural food and the fate of many individuals may rest in the hands of people who regularly put out supplies of food and water in their gardens.“ Said Tim Sexton, Manager, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Trading Ltd.

Vine House Farm products are available for sale at both shops in Attenborough Nature Centre and Idle Valley Rural Learning Centre, near Retford throughout the year, but the event on 22nd October 2017 with Nicholas and Tim in attendance at Attenborough Nature Reserve will showcase the bulk bags of food available usually only online at www.vinehousefarm.co.uk.

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