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Writers back local Wildlife Trusts 30 Wild Books, 30 Days Wild

Wednesday 24th May

Writers back local Wildlife Trusts 30 Wild Books, 30 Days Wild

Writers line up to back local Wildlife Trusts efforts to highlight the power of nature writing during UK-wide 30 Days Wild campaign.

A host of the UK’s top nature writers have publically backed Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s unique 30 Days, 30 Books initiative which has been created to add a new  dimension to the UK-wide 30 Days Wild campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts.

The Trust believes that nature writing provides an incredible resource and inspiration for readers and future writers of all ages and interests and has created 30 Days, 30 Books to share some of its favourite as well as some more unusual wildlife themed books during 30 Days Wild, a month-long nature challenge which engages thousands of people across the UK each June.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has curated a list of 30 books including old classics and more contemporary titles and invited groups and individuals from across the county to review each one next month. A new review will be shared online each day throughout the month. 

Speaking about the initiative, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Audience Development Manager Trish Evans said: “Nottinghamshire is rich in literature heritage and creative literature programmes. We have links to world renowned writers such as Byron and DH Lawrence, celebrated events such as the Lowdham Book festival and vibrant popup poetry events across our county. With Nottingham also being designated as  UNESCO City of Literature we thought the time was write to celebrate nature writing and we believe that 30 Days Wild gives us a unique platform to explore the diversity and power of the genre.“

In recent years the Trust has welcomed a range of celebrated authors to present a series of sell-out lectures to demonstrate the ability of the written word to increase peoples’ understandingand the value of nature and to highlight issues facing wildlife.

A number of writers have given their backing to the new initiative including George Monbiot (pictured), Mark Avery, Patrick Barkham and the Trust’s Vice President Mike Dilger.

Speaking about 30 Days, 30 Books George Monbiot said: “This is a lovely project, that helps connect our minds and our hearts to nature. Those who know the living world love the living world.”

The initiative has also been backed by local schools, Nottinghamshire Library Service (Inspire), writing groups and independent bookstores.

Trish added: “We are delighted that so many high profile nature writers have supported the initiative and we hope plenty of people will enjoy the list and discover the diversity of nature writing and perhaps even inspire new creative writers in Nottinghamshire too”

The full list of 30 books can be viewed here.

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