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Harrison's Plantation Nature Reserve

A fascinating woodland that links Martin's Pond with Raleigh Pond in Wollaton


Old Coach Road
A static map of Harrison's Plantation Nature Reserve

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4 hectares

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Free access

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No parking

Walking trails

A circular route can be followed along a path that runs through the site from Lambourne Drive & connecting with Martin’s Pond.



The reserve can be entered at several points from Lambourne Drive and Old Coach Road, both off Wollaton Road (A609). It can also be approached from Martin’s Pond off Russell Avenue.

Access to the reserve is open at all times and footpaths lead to and around the reserve. This reserve is owned and managed by Nottingham City Council.


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Open at all times

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April to July

About the reserve

Harrison's Plantation, together with Martin's Pond forms an important wildlife reservoir in this part of the city. A mixed broad-leaved woodland is thought to have been present on this site since the mid 18th century. A number of birds can be seen in the woodland, including great spotted woodpecker, kingfisher, nuthatch and spotted flycatcher.

Mixed broad-leaved woodland is thought to have been present on this site since the mid-18th century. It arose by natural regeneration from a series of ‘stew ponds’ and willow holts associated with the medieval fishery at Martin’s Pond. Until the early 1900s the wood was connected to Long Plantation, which extended for over 1km from Lambourne Drive to what is now the city’s ring road. Long Plantation was later cleared to make way for housing.

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Nottingham City Council General Parks Service
Contact number: 0115 915 2733

Environmental designation

Local Nature Reserve (LNR)
Local Wildlife Site (LWS)