Reserve Warden - Idle Valley

Location: Idle Valley Nature Reserve, North Road

DN22 8RQ,
Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 8RQ
Do you enjoy meeting people and helping your local wildlife nature reserve? We need Reserve Wardens to help make Idle Valley positive and welcoming. This valuable role invites you to join a busy team of volunteers and staff, helping advise visitors, reporting incidents and regularly keeping an eye on day to day activity across our stunning wetlands site.

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Help look after our wildlife as a reserve warden

Wardens are advocates for the Trust and our aims to protect wildlife and improve habitats across Nottinghamshire. Acting as the eyes and ears of a reserve, Reserve Wardens play a vital role in helping people understand the work of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and support visitors in gaining positive and memorable experiences.

Reserve Wardens work closely with the Trust’s reserve management team to help with a range of regular and one-off activities. These could include: support for effective planning and delivery of practical tasks on our nature reserves; helping with the monitoring of the reserve’s wildlife; reporting condition of paths and structures; letting us or the police know about incidences of anti-social behaviour; basic emergency repairs; guiding visitors around the site; and ensuring the general safety of the site for people and wildlife. Reserve Wardens will be asked to keep a log of their time and activities. They should expect to report back to their supervisor (or any NWT staff member) at the end of their day and feedback anything they have discovered whilst out on the reserve. 


What experience do I need?

Reserve Wardens need excellent interpersonal and communication skills as they will be regularly speaking to the public as a representative of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Reserve Wardens also need a good understanding of the site’s network of paths and tracks in order to help visitors with directions, guide them to locations of interest and keep people away from sensitive areas (for example where livestock are grazing).  A good understanding of countryside management and nature conservation is also useful. First aid training may also be provided.

As Reserve Wardens are often visiting the site on their own it is essential that they are able to take responsibility for their own health and safety and follow the Trust’s lone working guidelines.

What are the benefits?

Help protect and make a difference to your local nature reserve and its wildlife.

Help make a positive difference for visitors, so they gain a better understand your reserve.

Gain valuable experience and wildlife knowledge.

Meet new people and feel part of a team of volunteers and staff.

Learn new skills.

Work as part of a team caring for Nottinghamshire’s wildlife

How much time am I expected to commit?

You will be asked to commit to at least one regular day per week. There is no upper limit to your involvement – you are welcome to perform your role every day if you have the time and capacity. This can be discussed and agreed with your named Volunteer Leader.

We ask all Reserve Wardens to attend as regularly as they can for their agreed days and let their Volunteer Leader know if they cannot attend.

Is a reference required?

Yes. Reserve Wardens are appointed by our Reserve Managers and acceptance is subject to receipt of a satisfactory reference. Please do not assume you can start your role until this has been confirmed in writing. Thereafter, the role is reviewed on an annual basis.