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The Lost Woodland Appeal

Wednesday 15th August

The Lost Woodland Appeal

Help us turn back the clock 1000 years...to restore 10 acres of LOST ancient woodland.

This week we launch a brand new fundraising initiative- The Lost Woodland Appeal!

Treswell Wood Nature Reserve  - one of England’s finest ancient woodlands - has a piece missing! Help us raise £15,000 to unlock a £65,000 grant - to buy the first 10 acres of the missing piece.

What is the Lost Woodland? - about Treswell's 'Missing Piece'

We have a vision for expanding Treswell Wood, near Retford, and we are asking for your help.

Take a look at the map of this nature reserve (above) - at the moment it is partially divided into two halves - broken up by an agricultural field.

We finally have the chance to take the first steps to filling in this missing piece! Please help us raise £15,000 - this will unlock a £65,000 grant - so we can buy the first 10 acres of this gap, enclosed on 3 sides by the nature reserve. Currently grassland, the new area will be managed as part of the existing wood with natural regeneration of trees, as well as a large traditional wild flower meadow.

Click here to find out more, including how to donate online or by post

Thank you!

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