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Starlings Murmuration at Idle Valley Nature Reserve

Check out this magical spectacle spotted above Idle Valley Nature Reserve, near Retford.

During autumn and winter, these 'dark clouds' can often be seen in our skies. These are one of many natural wonders to be seen in the UK: 'starling murmurations'.

Thousands of starlings fly in beautiful patterns, flocking together in massive clouds: swooping and wheeling in the air.
Look out for this wonderful spectacle in the skies above many of our nature reserves, each year.


Starling murmuration at Idle Valley Nature Reserve

A Murmuration is a gathering of large flocks of Starlings. They start to get together at Dusk during Autum in their roosting sites and fly together creating amazing swirling patterns.  The reason they get together is because there is safety in numbers, particularily from birds of prey such as Falcons. A large group means its also easier to keep warm during Winter and…

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