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Kimberley Cutting

Type : GrasslandBroxtowe

Kimberley Cutting

This site was previously a railway cutting. Since it ceased to be used for this purpose it has developed into a fascinating wildlife site made up of mixed woodland, scrub and grassland communities.  The site covers almost two and a half hectares.

About the reserve

The reserve was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its geological interest. The Trust has a management agreement with Hardys and Hansons Kimberley Breweries the site’s owners.

The reserve is made up of a stretch of former railway cutting which was linked to the Trust’s Watnall Cutting by a tunnel which has since been filled. The reserve came into the ownership of Hardys and Hansons at the same time as Watnall Cutting in 1967.  It has been managed by the Trust since 1978.  The reserve is of national importance due to the classic exposures of lower permian strata. This has unfossiliferous rocks of the coal measures group at its base, overlaid by 1-2 metres of basal permian breccia. This in turn is overlaid by five metres of buff dolomitic siltstones and topped by lower magnesian limestone. Two exposures on the southern embankment have been cleaned to show the strata.

The habitats on the reserve include limestone grassland on the cutting floor where there is less tree cover, areas of scrub and ash, sycamore and hawthorn woodland.

For some more pictures of the reserve please go to our flickr set

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Conservation management

Management objectives include maintenance of the footpaths, sycamore control, grassland maintenance and rubbish removal.

How to get there

The only official entrance to Kimberley Cutting is at its southern end - turn into Hardy Close from Hardy Street, and the entrance is on your right. If you are using SatNav, enter NG16 2JN and follow the preceding directions. The reserve is open at all times.

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