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Badgers filmed for first time on Attenborough Nature Reserve

Friday 23rd January

Badgers filmed for first time on Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce that two badgers have been successfully filmed for the first time on Attenborough Nature Reserve.


The mammals were filmed using infrared, motion sensitive cameras during Thursday night (22/01/15) in a quiet, secluded part of the reserve.


The team first suspected there were badgers there after several reports from the public of brief sightings and the race was really on when Assistant Reserve Manager, Tim Sexton spotted a badger crossing one of the paths. "It amazes me that on a site that's so well studied like Attenborough, we're still finding new things."


The team were hot on the trail on Wednesday after finding a really clear set of prints, which lead them to an ideal location to set up the cameras.


“We got some footage of a wood mouse at first – remarkably quick little mammals – but finally got what we were looking for when two badgers activated the camera.” Michael Walker, Living Landscape Monitoring Officer.


It’s hoped that sightings will become more frequent and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust will continue to monitor the area. “We hope that people will be able to watch more footage of the badgers on the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Attenborough Nature Centre facebook pages as well as the ‘Nottinghamshire Mammals’ website.”


The Trust remain cautious over broadcasting badger locations as they still suffer widespread persecution, but it’s hoped that more members of the public will be inspired by the footage to learn about the mammals.


Trainee warden at Attenborough, Angelena Efstathiou who was involved in the project was certainly inspired: “It was amazing as a trainee to get to witness this and to get to see such special mammals on the reserve.”


The footage came hours after a double otter sighting to the north of the county following a record year for otter sightings in Nottinghamshire. The trust is in the process of compiling an atlas of mammals across the county and sightings of all mammals can be submitted to Michael Walker at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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