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Carbon Neutral Couriers become Wildlife Guardian and helps a charity minimise own CO2 emissions

Wednesday 17th January

Carbon Neutral Couriers become Wildlife Guardian and helps a charity minimise own CO2 emissions

In light of the recent environmental announcements made in Prime Minister Teresa May’s speech, including the increased use of zero emission vehicles by 2050, it is heartening that in Nottingham there are already globally recognised environmental leaders in the city to inspire others.

Internationally award winning Nottingham based carbon neutral couriers WEGO have joined the ranks of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife Guardians corporate members’ scheme.

As a zero carbon emissions company, WEGO continually strive to be the top UK courier in the UK for green delivery solutions. WEGO use electric vans, load carrying bicycles and trains, thereby reducing the number of large lorries driving into city centres and easing traffic congestion. WEGO actively works towards helping businesses within cities and saving the planet for future generations, including across Nottinghamshire. They have been globally recognised in the International CSR Excellence Awards “for companies with a heart” published by The Green Organisation which is a guide to inspire others to environmental best practice.

WEGO’s entry in the Green Book recognises them as being a world leader in sustainable logistics which Chris Beattie, Managing Director of WEGO is immensely proud of stating “It comes from our efforts being recognised in winning some national sustainable transport and CSR awards last year”. Chris continues, “By establishing a partnership with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust we can now add to our local credentials and support the county’s leading wildlife conservation charity closer to home.”

WEGO already work locally and in conjunction with a number of partners in the REMOURBAN project, a REgeneration MOdel for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation. WEGO are involved by moving deliveries within Sneinton to zero emission vehicles.

WEGO Couriers is committed to measuring and reducing their carbon footprint by:

  • Training all staff to switch off power and recycle, wherever possible
  • Maintaining a zero landfill approach to office waste and packaging
  • Reducing tail pipe emissions by increasing the number of electric vehicles
  • Increasing the use of trains to transport and deliver parcels

Holly McCain, Senior Development Officer at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust commented: “We are delighted that we have agreed a delivery support service with WEGO and recognise them as a Wildlife Guardian. As a local Nottingham-based company with environmental concerns at their core, it is fantastic to partner with the business and further reduce our own impact on the natural environment.” Holly continued, “We are already using their services between our sites at Idle Valley Nature Reserve in the north and Attenborough Nature Centre south of the county, and it’s great to have WEGO on call for items we need transporting. It just goes to show how a local company and activity can be so forward thinking and globally recognised. Local action on a global playing field!”

Becoming a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust corporate supporter can help to fulfil the demands of companies’ corporate social responsibility policy, engage staff and reach new audiences providing a way to differentiate the business. It provides an opportunity to join a network of like-minded individuals and local companies which support Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in protecting wildlife for the future whilst making a tangible difference to business and to the local environment where customers and employees live. Joining Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as a corporate supporter demonstrates businesses’ commitment to protecting and enhancing local wildlife and green spaces and giving back to the local community. Benefits include attracting new customers and clients as well as helping to raise companies’ profiles.

For more information about Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts’ Corporate Support Programme click here or ask for Holly McCain on 0115 958 8242.

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