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Creatures of a different kind discovered at Attenborough Nature Reserve

Wednesday 13th July

Creatures of a different kind discovered at Attenborough Nature Reserve

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s much loved Attenborough Nature Reserve has been discovered as a home to a new kind of creature. The Nature Centre at the reserve (pictured) has been inundated with visitors looking for Pokemon!

Children (and adults alike) have been walking around the reserve glued to their mobile phones whilst looking for characters from the popular Pokemon Go series.

One visitor mentioned that the bird feeding station in the Nature Centre’s garden had been designated a Pokemon Gym – a place to leave Pokemon to [virtually] battle and train with others and gain prestige for the ‘gym’. The more people battle at the bird feeding station the more prestigious it will become in the game.

The app is a new game released by Pokemon but isn’t available to all users in the UK yet. However it appears that some have already enjoyed getting involved and discovering Nottinghamshire’s green spaces in the process.

“There are areas of the Pokemon map that look darker green, where green areas or parks are. More pokemon seem to appear in these places. There’s a chance of being able to catch water pokemon near water too.” says Stephen Rothwell, a Pokemon Go player who works in the Finance Team at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Tim Sexton, Assistant Manager at Attenborough Nature Centre based on the reserve said, “This is not the usual wildlife we find at the reserve but a welcome discovery to encourage those usually found gaming indoors to experience nature outside.” He continued, “The visitor (photographed) said that the game had encouraged him to get out more and that today was the furthest he had walked in years!”

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust welcomes the new gaming visitors but advises that they do take notice of the footpaths. “It’s a great excuse to get out in the fresh air and go walking around the nature reserve and perhaps spray some incense to attract more pokemon to you!” Says Alex Walls, Membership Officer at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust who has also started to play the app. “But remember to play safe and watch where you are walking as well as take time to view the real wildlife!”

Attenborough Nature Reserve is a wetland wildlife haven, located in the south west of the county and is celebrating its 50th year in 2016. It’s proud to be able to be part of the gaming age, especially if it encourages more people outdoors and appreciating nature.

Attenborough’s beautiful complex of flooded former gravel pits and islands provides 360 acres of exceptional habitat for a wide range of plants, birds and other wildlife, including bitterns being recorded in the last few years. The Nature Reserve is nationally designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the award-winning Nature Centre is an ideal gateway to this natural haven providing a shop and café – and now a PokemonGo gym!

Bird hides are dotted around the reserve to view the wildlife of this wetland site and nature walks can be taken around its trails. The reserve plays host to a number of events with activities for all ages and abilities including children’s holiday clubs, courses for adults and family events.

If you would like to visit or attend an event at Attenborough Nature Reserve thenplease visit for further information or call 0115 972 1777.

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