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Dormouse ‘Hedge Fund’

Wednesday 1st July

Dormouse ‘Hedge Fund’

Earlier this month, the Trust was delighted to be involved in a further release of dormice into a north Notts woodland. We are currently keeping the name of the woodland underwraps until the animals have become fully aclimatised and moved away from their release pens, but efforts to re-establish a viable breeding population of this endearing species have reached a crucial point.
With three woodlands selected by the People's Trust for Endangered Species as providing ideal habitat for dormice, we are now working with neighbouring landowners on an exciting project to re-connect the woodlands to provide opportunities for dormice and other woodland species to expand their ranges.

Investing in hedgerows and woodland management
The groundwork for this important work has already be laid with the vast improvements we've made in the habitat management in our woodlands over the past 10-15 years. We now plan to invest in work to re-plant and restore hedgerows on adjacent land to provide much needed connectivity.  We are delighted that a number of charitable Trusts have already chosen to support us but you too can help us by donating to our 'Hedge Fund'. The difference with our hedgefund is that there are no fat cat bankers making a profit and any investment returns will be in terms of improvements to populations of species such as dormice and hedgehogs!
To donate simply visit our Just Giving campaign page or text DORM16 £5 to 70070 (to donate £5). If you wish to donate a different amount simply change the figure accordingly - eg £2, £10, etc. Thank you

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