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Ecotherapy works - Watch the video

Monday 9th December

Ecotherapy works - Watch the video

We need your help to spend 2 minutes watching a video. Then, if you think that ecotherapy is a great idea, please click on the link to ask your local Health and Wellbeing Board chair to champion ecotherapy in Nottinghamshire.

The video features our very own Ecominds project which has been running at our Idle Valley Nature Reserve near Retford, over the past few years. Mind, the charity which initially helped to fund our project, visited four such Ecotherapy projects around the UK, and spoke to some really inspirational people who shared their stories about how ecotherapy helps them.

Watch how ecotherapy is changing people's lives.

In order to continue our successful Ecominds project, we need access to further funding. We are pushing for ecotherapy to been seen as a public health intervention and mental health treatment. Please help us by using this template to email your local Health and Wellbeing Board chair to champion ecotherapy in Nottinghamshire.

So what is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy improves mental and physical health and wellbeing by supporting people to be active outdoors doing gardening, farming, food growing, exercise, art and craft, or environmental conservation work.

People with mental health issues find that ecotherapy helps because it supports them to do an activity they enjoy, meet people and get outdoors in the fresh air. They usually don’t know it is called ecotherapy but might instead talk about getting involved in gardening, forestry, growing food, tending animals, conservation work, building parks and ponds and reclaiming overgrown land. They will also say that it makes them feel good, be more active, sleep better and make new friends.

Ecotherapy is a cost-effective way to improve both physical and mental wellbeing, which is accessible and inclusive. Evidence from Mind’s Ecominds funding scheme demonstrates that ecotherapy can have a real impact on people’s mental wellbeing and provides them with access to education and training, improving their social connectivity and increasing their enjoyment of green spaces.

Thank you

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