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Forests to stay in public hands

Friday 6th July

Forests to stay in public hands
We welcome  Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman’s pledge that ‘our forests will stay in public hands,’ as the Independent Panel on Forestry releases a report urging the Government to ensure it gives nature; people’s enjoyment of woodlands; and the sustainable woodland management a higher priority.
Loss and damage
World War II saw large-scale felling of ancient broadleaved woods and their conversion to conifers to grow and supply timber for the war effort. Woodlands have also been lost or damaged through urban and agricultural development and now, ancient woodlands cover just three per cent of England’s land area!
A Living Landscape
We have engaged with the Panel at every opportunity, with our recommendations reflecting our own vision for A Living Landscape, a recovery plan for nature which involves enlarging, improving, creating and joining up wildlife-rich areas of land to create a connected ecological network across the UK. We believe woodlands are a key part of that ecological network and we want to see stronger protection for existing woodlands, especially ancient woodlands.
Each Wildlife Trust is tirelessly working within its local communities to inspire people about the future of their area - their own Living Landscapes and Living Seas, and all are committed to securing the best use and management of all land the benefit of people and wildlife.   
Tremendous national asset
John Everitt, Chief Executive for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, said:  “The Public Forest Estate is a tremendous national asset and has the potential to deliver even more benefits for wildlife and people.  We currently invest £20 million a year which provides an estimated return of £400million.’’
‘‘It is vitally important to ensure that those responsible for managing the Public Forest Estate have the ability to generate income through sustainable forest management so that funds can be invested in habitat creation and restoration, and access provision.”
Safeguarding precious woodlands
For many decades we have tried to stem the tide against forestry practices destroying key habitats such as bogs and heathlands and have safeguarded precious ancient woodlands against destruction, by caring for more than 16,000 ha of woodland in England alone!
We're involved with many community woodlands and help to advise on woodland creation projects.  Many Wildlife Trusts are also involved with increasingly large-scale schemes to create and restore other wildlife habitats such as heathland and wetland within woodlands.
Visit a woodland today!
Here in Nottinghamshire we are very lucky to have some many great woodlands to explore. Here is a selection of some of our best woodland nature reserves...
Treswell Wood
Duke's Wood
Bunny Old Wood
Eaton and Gamston Woods
Sellers Wood

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