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Health and wellbeing achieved for both people and wildlife at local nature reserve

Wednesday 25th April

Health and wellbeing achieved for both people and wildlife at local nature reserve

Wilford Claypit is a local nature reserve managed by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and located close to Wilford Industrial Estate where XMA - an innovative IT solutions company that enhance how people learn, teach, govern and deliver healthcare - is located. It’s not just their IT solutions that assist welfare, as XMA staff use Wilford Claypits regularly in their breaks including lunching outdoors; a great way to improve health and well-being and an opportunity for regular exercise, away from desks, getting fresh air surrounded by green space. Thanks to support from XMA, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is able to continue managing this and many other nature reserves across the county.

Wilford Claypit, once used for the excavation of brick-making clay now has a variety of habitats including marshland, pools, calcareous grassland and areas of scrub and woodland and has shown to have orchids thriving including the stunning and diminutive bee orchid (pictured). A healthy site for wildlife, right on the doorstep for XMA staff to reap the benefits of getting out into green space.

Kerry Hawdon, Facilities Assistant at XMA stated, “XMA believes in corporate social responsibility. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and giving back to the communities that we operate within. It’s fantastic that we have such a great green space in Wilford Claypits right on our doorstep to use in our break times. To show our appreciation of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust managing the site, we felt it was appropriate to continue a simple gesture by renewing our Corporate Membership.”

Holly McCain, Senior Development Manager stated “We love the fact XMA appreciate their local green space at Wilford Claypit and get the opportunity to see wildlife on their doorstep daily. Their corporate support means we can continue to manage nature reserves including Wilford Claypit across the county.”

Becoming a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust corporate supporter can help to fulfil the demands of companies’ corporate social responsibility policy, engage staff and reach new audiences providing a way to differentiate the business. It provides an opportunity to join a network of like-minded individuals and local companies, which support Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in protecting wildlife for the future, whilst making a tangible difference to business and to the local environment where customers and employees live, demonstrating the businesses’ commitment to the local community and the environment. Benefits include attracting new customers and clients as well as helping to raise companies’ profiles.

For more information about Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts’ Corporate Support Programme go to ask for Holly McCain on 0115 958 8242.

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