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Rare Heron at Attenborough

Tuesday 1st November

Rare Heron at Attenborough

We are excited that a rare heron is visiting our Attenborough Nature Reserve.

The squacco heron was first spotted on Friday (28th October), on the bank of the River Erewash, which flows through the reserve, remaining over the weekend and still being sighted today (Tuesday 1st).

The unusual bird has attracted hundreds of birdwatchers - many travelling across the country from as far away as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

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The squacco heron usually breeds in the Mediterranean and Middle East, and then spends its winters in Africa.

This is only the fourth time that it has been seen in Nottinghamshire, with previous recorded sightings in 1871 and 1944. A squacco heron was also spotted at Attenborough Nature Reserve back in 1998.

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Frustration for Derbyshire birdwatchers…

The River Erewash marks the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire; with the bird moving back and forth across the river – this is also (intermittently!) the first record for Derbyshire.

The bird’s favourite spot seems to be, however, on the Nottinghamshire side of the river. Many frustrated birdwatchers who have gathered on the Derbyshire side of the river are facing a waiting game, as they watch for the heron to move to cross the county border once more.

The fact that it can be seen just yards from the Derbyshire border means that those who want to be able to add the heron to their ‘County List’ of species spotted in Derbyshire, are having to simply watch and hope that this rare visitor will decide to take a trip to the other side of the river once more.

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