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Stay Wild – 365 Days A Year!

Tuesday 5th July

Stay Wild – 365 Days A Year!

With over 1.8 million Random Acts of Wildness, carried out across the UK during 30 Days Wild in June, thousands of photos posted on social media each day and many, many days where people had some great outdoor adventures, it’s been inspiring to see and hear what wild things people have been up to.

Now July is here, there’s no need to stop going wild – in fact, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust wants people to ‘Stay Wild’. Just because June has come to an end, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop loving, experiencing and taking action for nature.

Our hope is that this challenge has made people think a bit more about wildlife – how to make it part of their lives, how to help it and how to fall in love with it. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is fighting for nature and wants people to help us stand up for, and look after, natural and wild places close to where they live.

There are many ways to get involved locally in Nottinghamshire and we’d be happy to help you stay wild!

We look forward to hearing about your wild adventures as they continue and hope you’ll enjoy joining us too.

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