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What work experience is really like at the Trust!

Tuesday 25th October

What work experience is really like at the Trust!

Last week Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust had a couple of extra pairs of hands to gain some work experience and discover what life at the Trust is really like. Charles Lamb and Josh McNeil from Toot Hill School joined the Skylarks Team and got stuck in both in and out of the office. We enjoyed having them with us and they share their experiences day by day below:

Charles Lamb Diary Blog


On Monday we first got a brief overview of what tasks we were doing throughout the week to prepare us of what was to come.  After the induction we then participated in a finance task, consisting of counting the donations made.  Although this task was very gruelling, it was also interesting as it showed me that every penny does (yes even a penny counts, I counted £1.38 in 1p coins, wasn’t fun but still, showed me every last donation counts!). Then after lunch we observed a primary school session in Cotgrave Country Park. The children sketched leaves, did leaf rubbings, and made bookmarks out of discarded leaves and such. The children seemed to enjoy the tasks set, with them engaging well in these activities, especially the leaf rubbing exercise.


On Tuesday we started off the day by managing the garden. We had to trim plants because they were obstructing the way of the escape route. After this, the garden looked better kept and did not look as messy as it did before!  Next, we designed posters for an upcoming event. This was very fun as I am very in to graphic design. I came up with very minimal designs which I personally liked. Then we printed them out and laminated them. After that was done we made badges with a very temperamental badge making machine. It was very “grouchy” if you will and only wanted to work when it wanted to however when we got into the swing of things, the mistakes grew down and we made a bunch of them.


Today we helped out with volunteers at Moorbridge and Sellers Wood. This was very hard work due to the fact we had to chop down lots of cherry trees which I found very tiring. We were working alongside the wonderful volunteers who helped me out a lot and almost inspired me because they’re taking time out of their day to help conserve the environment without any salary. We were also working with two polite young offenders who did a lot more work than me.


This was my favourite day due to the fact that we did a variety of different tasks at Attenborough. We started off the day by setting up the site by lighting a fire for the children. They found this very entertaining as they were toasting marshmallows whilst we were just getting smoke to eyes and mouth. Fun! We then did the same for a group of children from primary school. They had quite the character and instead of enjoying toasting marshmallows, they were setting fire to cotton wool instead. Well they are kids after all. If I have one criticism about today, it’s that I smelt like a barbeque when I got home. Joy!


Today we went to Skylarks and went on a boat to an island to clear vegetation. This was very hard work and many of the plants were either nettles or had a load of spikes on them. I was wearing gloves and even then found in quite painful. However it was very beautiful being surrounded by water.


Josh McNeil Diary Blog


On my first day at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust we started by having an introduction into the organisation and how it helps to conserve the local wildlife, I was then given a tour of the Wildlife Trust’s building where I met the staff and gained an insight into how the Trust operates and where it helps to conserve the wildlife in Nottinghamshire. After meeting the staff I counted the collected money from a recent fundraiser which totalled at £778 excluding the raffle money. After a lunch break I then went to a local area the Trust helps to manage where I helped to teach a group of primary school students about the surrounding wildlife.            


On my second day at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust I started by cutting back the vegetation in the Trust’s garden and clearing the fire exit of blockages. Then I created posters advertising events and games the Trust were holding at a fundraiser at the weekend. After a lunch break I printed the posters and then laminated them. After laminating the posters I then created badges with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s logo on them by pressing the paper and plastic sheet onto a metal plate and then pressing that onto a plastic backing with a pin.


On my third day at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust I went to Moorbridge pond to do some conservation work. This meant cutting down shrubbery and small trees to allow light into the different areas of the woods. We also created dead hedges in the areas where we cut down the vegetation which created habitats for small mammals and birds. After a lunch break we then went to a local walking path were a gate had been broken so after removing the gate we laid some foundations in the ground for when a new gate could be installed.


On my fourth day at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust I went to the Attenborough nature reserve where I helped to run activities for young children for the whole day.


On my fifth day at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust I went to Skylarks nature reserve where we took a boat out to a small island to remove the shrubbery on the island. Whilst on the island we also encountered a family of voles!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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