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Wild Walkeringham Nature Reserve has been ‘tamed’ with funding from Biffa Award

Monday 6th June

Wild Walkeringham Nature Reserve has been ‘tamed’ with funding from Biffa Award

Walkeringham Nature Reserve has benefited from money from the Landfill Communities Fund and now has improved access, interpretation and habitats to benefit the reptiles on site. Other improvements include extensive hedge laying and the removal of invasive plants which had previously prevented rare lowland neutral grassland from flourishing.

May 2016 saw the culmination of a two-year project to enhance and protect the rare lowland neutral grassland and hedgerow habitat (both priority habitats in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan) at Walkeringham Nature Reserve, a site suffering from misuse through anti-social behaviour. A variety of work was carried out including thinning scrub vegetation which was beginning to overtake the grassland habitat as well as work to clear invasive species which were dominating the central areas. Reptile surveys beforehand were carried out to ensure the project would not adversely affect the common lizards and other reptiles present at the nature reserve. Tree work was also carried out to thin a dense block of conifers, allowing more light to reach the ground and encouraging the neutral grassland to extend into this area.

Hedgelaying formed a large part of the project with over half a mile of hedges around the reserve boundary now having been laid. This traditional method of hedgerow management helps to maintain and protect the hedgerow, enabling it to form a dense base whilst also promoting fruiting where coppicing takes place. 

Rob Atkinson, NWT Reserve Officer said: “Volunteers have done a fantastic job helping with the project. They have been involved in a variety of tasks alongside professional contractors and the positive difference it has made to the reserve is clear to see.”

A new interpretation panel has also been installed to help people understand what it is that makes Walkeringham Nature Reserve such a special place. Coupled with installation of a height barrier at the car park entrance, it is hoped that previous anti-social behaviour on the site will be discouraged now that visitors can more clearly understand the importance of the site for wildlife.

Biffa Award; a multi-million pound fund that helps to build communities and transform lives through awarding grants to community and environmental projects across the UK

A short video is available highlighting the enhancements to the site and explaining how this has been achieved thanks to funding from Biffa Award.


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