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Wildlife Trust re-launches Sponsored Birdwatch after 12 year hiatus

Monday 20th April

Wildlife Trust re-launches Sponsored Birdwatch after 12 year hiatus

After a hiatus of a dozen or so years, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is resurrecting its Sponsored Birdwatch to raise funds for its Sherwood Forest Restoration Fund and the management of its 67 nature reserves across the county.

The Kingfisher’ Trophy, presented to the team which records the most species during the event, is currently being looked after by Lound Bird Club, the last winners back in 2003, but the Wildlife Trust is now calling on teams to come forward from across Nottinghamshire to try and rest it from their grip.

The format of the event is simplicity itself. Teams can be up to four people and all you have to do is record as many species as you can (either seen or heard) in any 24 hour period in May within the county boundary. Teams can spend up to 24 hours recording, but can spend less if they wish! They can also visit as many or as few sites as they want to, to build their species list – as long as they stay within the county boundary. The winning team is the one that spots the most species in any 24 hour period. As the principal aim of the event is to raise funds for the Trust’s conservation work, an additional prize is offered to the team which raises the most money. I

The picture above shows a Birdwatch team from the 1980s which took things so seriously they even got a local car dealership to loan them a car for the event.

So, why not start planning your root and see if you can get your hands on the Kingfisher Trophy – whether you win the trophy or not you should have fun trying and the biggest winner will be the county’s wildlife as all funds raised will support the Trust’s work in Sherwood Forest and the wider management of its nature reserves across the county.

The event is being promoted by Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers - with at least one team already entered from their membership.

A little birdy (excuse the pun) tells us that Lound Bird Club are determined not to have to hand back the trophy, so if you fancy mounting a challenge, or just fancy using the event as a good excuse to get out birdwatching with some friends why not gather a team? Please be aware that you'll probably be required to come up with a silly name for the team too!

If you would like to take part all you have to do is register your interest by emailing (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We will then send you more detailed information and a sponsorship form.

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