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Standing up for Wildlife

Standing up for Wildlife

Since 1963 we have been standing up Nottinghamshire’s wildlife and representing the views of people who care passionately about our county’s wild places.


The threats facing wildlife are ever increasing, particularly those relating to development and climate change. A key element of reducing the harm inflicted on the natural world is through maintaining active involvement within the planning system and working in partnership with key decision makers. We act on behalf of the county’s wildlife to prevent immediate threats and influence policy decisions to ensure the best deal for our natural heritage in the future.

With the help and assistance of our volunteers we sift through up to 10,000 applications each year. We submit hundreds of detailed responses and our recommendations being  taken on board in around 60% of cases.

Thankfully, planning authorities are increasingly recognising the need to safeguard what remains of our natural environment. However, the revised National Planning Policy Framework contains a worrying presumption in favour of development so we must remain vigilant to ensure that policies are applied correctly and wildlife legislation upheld.

Advice and Training

In addition to monitoring applications we offer advice to planners and developers on how to reduce the impact on wildlife and mitigate any unavoidable damage.

Further Help

If you require further assistance regarding planning issues please contact our conservation team.  

We can also offer a range of specialist ecological surveys and environmental impact assessments through our consultancy arm EMEC Ecology.  

We are the only charity which carries out this vital work across Nottinghamshire and we cannot do this without your support. To help us do more for Nottinghamshire’s wildlife please consider making a donation today.

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