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Bird Pudding

When it comes to deciding what food to put out you have two main sources of food to choose from. Firstly there is a wide range of commercial wild bird food available, everything from peanuts to special softbill food and even live food such as mealworms. The second type of food, and probably the most common, is kitchen scraps such as old bread crusts and unwanted fruit. 

Bird Pudding

In addition to putting out general kitchen scraps such as bread one of the best things you can do to attract birds to your garden and to help them through the winter is to put out energy packed fat based foods. You can buy a wide range of ‘fat balls’ and ‘bird bells’ from the garden centre or pet shop but it is easy and enjoyable to make your own. The basic idea is to provide the birds with a variety of foods, encased in a layer of fat to provide extra calories.

Making a bird cake or bird pudding mixture is very easy and will help you to attract birds. Peanuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, kitchen scraps such as bits of bacon rind or hard cheese can all be used. Traditionally people have used suet or lard to make bird-cake, but you could also mix in soft sunflower margarine. If using lard or a hard vegetable based suet, you will need to melt it, but be careful not to put too much in the pan and keep a watchful eye over it to avoid any risk of fire. 

Mix the ingredients together until you have got a firm mixture which you can then put into containers such as a half coconut shell or plastic tub to be hung in a tree or you can shape the mixture around pieces of string. 

Another interesting alternative is to create a log feeder by drilling a number of shallow holes, about the width of a 10p piece in a length of old log. This can be hung in a tree and birds including woodpeckers will be attracted in to feed. 

The fat mixture can also be smeared on the bark of trees as a treat for long tailed tits. 

Robin’s Relish

Another simple ‘dish’ you can make for birds is a special soft food which will appeal to species such as robins, wrens, blackbirds and others which usually eat insects and don’t readily take to eating seeds and nuts. 

To make ‘Robin’s Relish’ you will need a food processor or mincer, some peanuts, some bread and any mixture of ingredients such as old cake and biscuits. 

Simply place all the ingredients into the blender and ‘whizz’ together to make a moist crumble mixture. This can then be placed in a tubular plastic feeder, on the bird table or scattered on the ground.

General Information

In addition to putting out food and water for birds, one of the best ways to help boost local bird populations is to put up a number of nest boxes in you garden. 

If you would like more information on nest boxes, feeding birds, or other wildlife information, please contact us on 0115 9588242.

You can also download and print this Bird Pudding fact sheet

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