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Video: Twin lambs being born!

Friday 13th April

Video: Twin lambs being born!

We are now in the midst of Lambing season!

Our shepherds are very busy helping hundreds of lambs being born to the mums in our Flying Flock of over 500 sheep.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Lucky twin lambs born on Friday the Thirteenth

Click here to watch a very cute video of twin lambs being born to one of our Hebridean sheep, filmed on Friday 13th April. Thanks to our kind Volunteer Videographer Paolo Verdolini for this great little film.

More about our ‘Flying Flock’

Almost 14 years ago Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust introduced a small flock of Hebridean sheep to the help improve the wildlife value of our heathland and grassland sites.

The Hebridean sheep were chosen for a number of reasons, not least their un-fussy eating habits. These animals will quite happily much their way through young tree seedlings and other course vegetation helping to prevent heathland and grassland sites from becoming overgrown with trees and scrub.

The decision was then taken to expand the flock so that we could also graze heathland sites belonging to other partners. This expansion also meant that we were able to graze more of our own grassland nature reserves.

Such was the success of the grazing programme that we now have over 500 sheep, used to graze over 50 separate sites covering a total on more than 1500 acres. From relatively modest beginnings we have developed one of the most successful conservation grazing programmes in the country. We now have two full time shepherds and with the number of animals we have we are also able to graze sites for a range of partner organizations such as the Clumber Park for the National Trust and Newstead Abbey Park for Nottingham City Council.

Our ability to send stock to where they are needed to help wildlife habitats gave rise to the name 'The Flying Flock', and with so many important sites now benefiting from their grazing prowess, we can safely say that the Flying Flock has become a soaring success.

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