How to build a mini stone wall

How to build a mini stone wall

Learn a tradition and build your own mini dry stone wall to attract wildlife.

Learn a tradition with its roots in the Iron Age and build your own mini dry stone wall. Dry stone walls are built without using mortar, creating many nooks and crannies. It’s these spaces that makes them so valuable for wildlife. 

As the wall ages and matures, gaps become a bit larger and so do the animals that can use the wall.


Building your mini dry stone wall:

  1. Select an area to build your wall. For maximum wildlife value ensure that at least some of the wall is in shady, even damp, conditions
  2. Start the base off by digging a trench for the first layer of stones
  3. Start with larger stones at the bottom, and where necessary infill along the base with smaller ones
  4. Build the wall up on two sides. Lay the stones in layers, and in each layer make sure each stone’s long side is facing into the wall (rather than along the length of the wall). Stones should touch below and to the side and should be as horizontal as possible.
  5. As you build up the sides, make sure to fill in the middle with smaller rocks. Remember, whatever the size of your wall, have a wider base and taper it as it goes up. This will give added stability
  6. Add a neat layer of coping stones at the top to finish off, making sure that they are in close contact with the wall