Wildlife gardening

Wildlife Gardening

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Go wild in your garden

Large or small, ledge or yard, there are many ways for your garden to be part of a wider network of urban green spaces.

With an estimated 16 million gardens in the U.K, our gardens are a vast living landscape. The ways in which we care for them can make a big difference to our wildlife and the natural world.

Helping wildlife in your garden

Caring for birds

There are many simple actions you can take at home to help birds thrive in your wild space.

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Rob Lind

Bringing back bees

Your garden can serve as a fantastic habitat for a wide range of bee species

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Al Greer

Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are declining rapidly in the UK. Learn how to make a home for hedgehogs in your garden

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Tom Marshall

Pest or guest?

The creatures within your garden determine what thrives, survives, deteriorates or dies.

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Jon Hawkins

Download your wildlife gardening guide

Wildlife-friendly gardening is about making a haven for you, as well as for wildlife. By gardening sympathetically for wildlife, you’ll be rewarded by a truly natural outdoor space, where you can get in touch with the plants, animals and birds that make their home there.


Create new or adjust current habitats in your garden to attract and conserve a range of wildlife species.

From planting flowers, shrubs and trees to attract pollinators, to building a nest box or wildlife pond, it's easier than you think to create a place for wildlife at home.

Get creative

Find out more ways to build your own features to help wildlife in your garden.

Soldier beetle landing

Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Go wild for beetles!

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