Hungry hedgehogs

A guest blog post from everyone's favourite spiky visitor the hedgehog
Hedgehog drinking gif

Hello it's me hedgehog, you may recognise me as a minor celebrity from the Brilliant Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Facebook page, from the cute video of me drinking at my favourite watering hole #keepingcoolinSummer #WaterintheGarden #Stayinghydrated

Well I am here to update you on my latest adventure.

*Cue dramatic music*
I was minding my own business, having a good long drink at my favourite site, when I fancied a little snack. I politely ambled over to the all you can eat buffet, and this chap who was already there, started chattering and huffing at me in a most uncouth manner (He clearly wanted all the best nuggets to himself). Anyway I held my ground as I was not about to back down to this young upstart and started tucking into the delightful food, getting my fill, before eventually heading back home #FoodisLife

So my message to you today is be Brave, be Bold and don't let a prickly character get you down.

Below is a video of my meeting with the young upstart.

© Ashley Waterfall

*In an announcers voice*
This is a Public Services announcement Providing regular food and water for fine creatures such as myself is incredibly important, especially during heat waves and in winter.

To find out more about my kind please visit here and go here to find out how to help hedgehogs like me in your garden.