Broadmarsh Central Park: Tom's top 10 reasons for it

Broadmarsh Central Park: Tom's top 10 reasons for it

Concept visualisation looking up towards the Castle by Influence

Why should the Broadmarsh site become Nottingham's version of Central Park? Executive Vice President of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Tom Huggon shares his top ten reasons.

1. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a fine green space for urban wildlife and a place for people to enjoy it and to meet; play; relax and contemplate in peace, away from bustle and noise.

2. It will add back into this area so lacking in public green space that lost when Garner`s Hill Park and Collin Street Rooftop Nature Reserve were recently built on.

3. It will set another jewel into the Green Necklace, the long standing ambition of the City Council to make Nottingham a garden city having a joined up network of parks, nature reserves and greenways already much accomplished. At the same time, it will fill the gap in the extensive Inclosure network to north and south of the centre not possible to establish here when it was laid out after 1845.

4.  For the first time in 200 years it will open an excellent vista of the Castle from a public open space, particularly for those come to visit it by train tram or bus, giving them a taster of a delightful day ahead, or a setting to reflect on a good day spent.

Concept visualisation by Influence

Concept visualisation looking up towards the Castle by Influence

5. As a Core City Nottingham will be unique with its central park enhancing the City Council`s reputation as a pioneer in green and environmental matters.

6. It will also bring prosperity to the city being a key feature attracting people from elsewhere to live, work and invest in business here.

7. Its site levels allow for creation of hanging and roof gardens and nature reserves at various levels for different species and habitats

Visualisation concept from Weekday Cross by Influence

Visualisation concept from Weekday Cross by Influence

8. We will be able to continue to protect and celebrate our own trailing snapdragon (asarina procumbens) which has only colonised this one place in the kingdom. So important was it considered at the time of the design of Broadmarsh that at the planning inquiry in 1969 the Government Inspector was persuaded by our stalwart Miss E.M.Palmer  to rule that the building plans be reconfigured to protect the cliff face at the back of the historic buildings in Low Pavement where it still grows today. A special feature can be made of it.

9. Another natural feature of this area are its extensive sandstone caves entered from Broadmarsh. These can be extended and become a major tourist attraction.

10. Those areas underground formerly  a retail shopping mall can  be used for imaginative green horticulture such as a hydrophonic farm and shop providing groceries to local people and tourists and adding to the city`s reputation as a green pioneer.

Tom Huggon.

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