Fingers crossed for City peregrine pair after 2018 drama

Dedicated observers of a famous peregrine pair that have nested in Nottingham City centre for over a decade are crossing their fingers that they will successfully rear chicks this year after a drama packed 2018 season which saw the female close to death and resulted in no chicks.

The first egg of 2019 was laid late on the 14th March, the 4th time in 9 seasons that the first egg has been laid on this date, and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, which monitors the birds on behalf of Nottingham Trent University, is hoping that more will follow and that 2019 will be a year of success rather than drama.

Speaking on behalf of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Head of Communications Erin McDaid said: “Last year the pair laid their 1st egg whilst we were all in the grip of the ‘Beast from the East’ and then we had drama of the female becoming egg bound. We were all very relieved when she pulled through, but in the end events took their toll and none of the eggs hatched successfully. Traditionally this nest has been very productive so we have our fingers crossed.”

Whilst the egg has been laid high on the University’s Newton Building smack in between Storm Gareth and Storm Hannah, the Trust remains hopeful of a return to form for the nesting site.

Erin continued:

Whilst the egg arriving on the cusp of two significant storms is far from ideal peregrines are tough and adaptable birds and this nest site has been very successful over a long period - so we’re very hopeful that we’ll see a chick this year.
The first peregrine egg of 2019

Cameras were originally installed by Nottingham Trent University to help protect the birds from the persecution but these were replaced with high definition cameras  due to its desire to enable people  from across the world to view and learn about the bird’s behaviour. The live cameras have become extremely popular over the years with viewers from at least 65 countries.


Watch the peregrine family here