Long-term Wildlife Trust partner leading the way on sustainability

Determination to reduce their impact on the environment has paid off for long-term Wildlife Trust partner Mayborn Group, as the company received two awards recognising its green credentials this month.

Locally based environmental charity, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, has been forging relationships with companies for many years and Mansfield based Mayborn Group, owner of the Tommee Tippee® baby brand, is one of the charity’s longest standing partners.

Earlier this year the company’s Mansfield site achieved “Zero to Landfill” status, with all waste from the site now being recycled. Even difficult to handle wastes, such as oily water have been tackled, with waste now turned into recovered fuel oil and residual waste sent for energy recovery via incineration. Thanks to investment in new production line equipment the company is also adding waste plastic recovered on site back into the manufacturing process – further limiting environmental impacts.

The Mayborn team are also expanding the use of recycled materials into its nappy disposal system -  meaning that it will now made from 98% recycled material,  which has been certified to reduce the product’s carbon footprint by around 53%. All electricity used on site also now comes from renewable sources.

Speaking on behalf of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Business Partnerships Officer Emily Patrick said: “In addition to forging relationships with businesses to help us deliver our charitable objectives as an environmental charity we’re always keen to understand our partners’ commitment to wider environmental issues. Mayborn Group are one of our longest standing partners and as well as being dedicated to working with us to support local initiatives in the community it is clear that they forging ahead with reducing their carbon footprint and tackling waste. As a business we are also seeking to address our wider environmental impacts and feel that there is plenty was can learn from Mayborn in how their local team has grasped the importance of these issues and found solutions that work.”

Mayborn Group are one of our longest standing partners and as well as being dedicated to working with us to support local initiatives in the community it is clear that they forging ahead with reducing their carbon footprint and tackling waste.
Emily Patrick, Business Partnerships Officer
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

The company has now been recognised with two regional awards, from the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business Awards and Made in the Midlands Awards,

Mayborn Group and their awards

Leysa Relf, Global EHS & Sustainability Manager and Dean Atkinson, Manufacturing Plant Manager both of Mayborn Group showcasing the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Business award

With industry often seen as villains of the piece when it comes to environmental issues, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is keen to highlight why it believes that working in partnership with locally based companies is key to shaping the local environment whilst tackling more global issues.

Emily added:

It is all too easy to blame companies for their environmental impacts but companies are meeting a demand for products so as consumers we all need to choose products and services carefully and to seek out suppliers that are taking their environmental commitments seriously.
Emily Patrick, Business Partnership Officer
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

As part of its successful business partnerships programme Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust seeks to develop an understanding of business’ local operations and to build bespoke relationships that benefit both the charity and the company. As well as providing financial support to help the Trust create a wilder Nottinghamshire, the partnerships also provide the charity opportunities to understand company’s environmental commitments and to forge relationships with businesses employees.

Over the past 6 years the charity’s relationship with Mansfield based Mayborn Group has blossomed. The company, has brand values focussed on providing families with high quality products whilst limiting its impact on the environment, recently renewed its commitment to working in partnership with the Wildlife Trust. In addition to supporting the Wildlife Trust’s local activities, which include caring for and fighting to protect rare habitats including parts of Sherwood Forest, Mayborn Group supports the Trust’s work with young people and families through Wildlife Watch.


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