Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust calls upon its supporters to pitch in as deadline looms for objections to quarry proposal opposite Attenborough Nature Reserve

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust calls upon its supporters to pitch in as deadline looms for objections to quarry proposal opposite Attenborough Nature Reserve

Charity standing shoulder to shoulder with the Community to fight Barton/Mill Hill Quarry, asks supporters to send objections by the 10th of September

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT), which finally secured ownership of Attenborough Nature Reserve in December after caring for the site since fighting to protect it in the 1960s, has taken the unusual step of calling on its supporters to submit personal objections to proposals for a sand and gravel quarry at Mill Hill, Barton in Fabis.

The charity has been fighting to protect wildlife from the threat posed by a new sand & gravel quarry proposed for Barton in Fabis, directly across the River Trent from its much loved Attenborough Nature Reserve, since at least 2014. The Trust is currently preparing its objection to the latest version of the plans, and consistently objected to the allocation of this site through the development of the Minerals Local Plan.

Speaking about the proposal Head of Nature Recovery (North) Janice Bradley said: “Whilst we accept that sand and gravel extraction is needed in our county, this allocation is one of the most ecologically damaging we’ve dealt with and we’ve objected to it from day one – working closely with community representatives and the Save the Ancient Valley Environment (SAVE) campaign group.”

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Significant modifications have been made to the planning application as a result of previous consultations and pressure from NWT and the local community, but the proposal still poses a significant threat to wildlife both on the Barton-In-Fabis side of the River Trent and at the Trust’s much loved Attenborough Nature Reserve. It also risks disruption and disturbance of people’s enjoyment of a number of vital wildlife areas.  Having cared for Attenborough Nature Reserve for almost 60 years and having been backed relatively recently by members and supporters to take ownership of the site, the prospect of damaging disturbance to its wildlife and of impact on people’s enjoyment of this cherished site is a real cause for concern.

The Trust’s Nature Recovery team is currently preparing its official objection which will highlight the loss of wildlife habitat in designated Local Wildlife Sites (LWSs); impacts of noise pollution on breeding and sensitive birds at Attenborough Nature Reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, as well as at Brandshill Wood and potentially other nearby sites. The Trust also has concerns over disturbance of rare and sensitive bird that breed in affected hedgerows and also over the impact of noise on bats. In addition to concerns over noise impacting wildlife at Attenborough, the Trust is worried over the loss of feeding habitat for wildfowl and waders on the Barton-in-Fabis side of the river, used by birds which visit and breed in the reserve.

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Sean Browne

Due to the potential impacts on Local Wildlife Sites, rare species, the Attenborough Nature Reserve and the strength of feeling within the local community, the Wildlife Trust has asked its local supporters to respond directly to the official planning consultation by the 10th September.

Mrs Bradley added: “Given that Nottinghamshire has such a low level of protected habitat and the fact we’re facing an urgent need to reverse the ecological crisis by ensuring that 30% of land can support nature – the proposed loss of and damage to areas of designated Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) is unacceptable.”

At a time when the need for value of people being able to connect with nature at sites such as Attenborough Nature Reserve to support wellbeing the Trust is urging people to use their voice to protect a site they are passionate about.

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