Powering the local youth wildlife expedition

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts Youth team ‘Keeping It Wild’ are ecstatic over the donation to fund their expedition of discovery and adventure to Snowdonia.

Thanks to £3,000 sponsorship from Western Power Distribution Community Fund the youth team have the amazing opportunity to take 18 young people from inner city Nottingham to the wonderful wilderness of North wales for 4 days of discovery and adventure this July.

The residential trip is important to Keeping it Wild as it is a core feature to the teams annual program, providing outstanding opportunities and learning outcomes for young people in Nottingham. The residential element of keeping it wild is impactful for each individual, providing new and challenging environments, experiences and places to discover beyond their home life broadening horizons and raising aspirations, creating lifelong memories and personal skills from being part of a team they feel is like a second family but above all else a greater awareness of the importance of the natural world.

Western Power and Keeping it Wild July 2019

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust CEO Paul Wilkinson, presenting the Business Partner certificate to Dave Hewitt, Nottingham Distribution Manager, Western Power Distribution with Keeping it Wild Youth Leaders Jamie Shortland, Laura Bacon and Hattie Lavender.

Dave Hewitt, Western Power Distribution Nottingham Distribution Manager, who visited The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust city office and the Keeping it Wild Youth Leaders recently in the wildlife garden maintained by the group, stated “Western Power Distribution is delighted to work with and support Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and their Keeping It Wild programme. This project was particularly interesting to us as it is based in the city and offers a group of young people experiences that will not only help their personal development but enhance their learning and skills for the future, while igniting their passion in wildlife.” Mr Hewitt continued, “As a business we have always considered the long term consequences of choices we make. Over the last few years in particular, we’ve raised the profile of environmental responsibility and sustainability and work closely with a range of environmental interest bodies.”

The trip also helps to connect with ‘Our Bright Future’ wild coasts youth program North Wales Wildlife Trust too. They will learn about invasive species in Wales from the leaders in UK biosecurity at North Wales Wildlife Trust such as hairy mitten crabs and zebra mussels. But they will also get to explore really wild places and special areas of outstanding beauty challenging inner city young people to step out of there comfort zone. Of course there will also be activities and exploring the water including paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming, learning the dangers of cold water shock and water safety, from a water rescue technician. All skills used by the wildlife experts to study the wildlife. Wildlife spectaculars they are hoping to see include the elusive red squirrel on Anglesey as well as choughs and puffins and maybe even dolphins out to sea. The team will also be celebrating the month of pride with their very own party and team building session and also giving to the welsh environment by taking part in a beach clean with wild coast 16- 25 year old youth program #waronplastic.

This is an opportunity not to be missed and only possible thanks to the generosity of the Western Power Distribution Community Fund. When the young people found out about the funding they were pretty overwhelmed and very happy, that’s the impact a small but massive in its own right residential does to a young person that gives their time to helping wildlife and the environment and the community that lives within and amongst it.
Jamie Shortland, Keeping it Wild Youth Leader
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust