Public invited to inspire art amid coronavirus lockdown

Nottinghamshire born landscape artist unable to travel because of coronavirus lockdown invites public to send her photos of local meadows to paint.
Bluebells in Bunny Woods

What do you do if you’re a landscape artist who can’t get out into the landscape?

That’s the problem facing artist Elaine Kazimierczuk, who normally spends her summers visiting stunning meadows, taking photos to take back to her studio and turning them into works of art.

Elaine, who now lives in Oxfordshire, is well-known for her colourful abstract landscapes inspired by botanic gardens, meadows and well known wild life spots.

But this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic causing chaos — including the cancellation of exhibitions and closure of art galleries, Elaine has had had to apply some abstract thinking to get inspiration over the coming months.

The Mary Moser Award-winning artist has invited people all around the country to take photos of their meadows whilst out on health walks and share them on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #paintmymeadow. She plans to paint the images that most inspire her, and hopes to hold an exhibition featuring the works once the coronavirus lockdown is over.

Knowing I can’t get out to see my favourite meadows and flowers is frustrating, but I thought many people live near or have beautiful meadows of their own, which perhaps they visit on their daily exercise, and I hoped they might be kind enough to share some photos of them with me. I also hope others will be inspired to paint their own meadows this summer, while so many people are trying new things, and share those images on social media, too!
Elaine Kazimierczuk

Nottinghamshire based author, Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang, who lives in South Nottinghamshire, answered Elaine’s call, posting pictures of bluebells in bloom in Bunny Woods on social media. She then commissioned Elaine to interpret her picture as a landscape painting.

Bunny Woods are a treasured piece of ancient woodland which are mentioned in the Doomsday Book and now owned by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. They have been a place of peace and solace for me and many local residents during the lockdown.
Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang

Rhiannon says. “They are especially beautiful during the bluebell season because of their wild beauty and the play of light over the blues and greens.  I am over the moon that Elaine will be painting the bluebells in Bunny Woods. We are both really excited about the project.  There quite a lot interest from local residents too, who eagerly anticipate viewing the finished picture.”

Bunny Wood bluebells

Images can be posted on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #paintmymeadow.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is excited at the prospect of seeing the finished article as well. Despite the changes to lockdown guidelines there are still many people, especially the vulnerable and those shielding that still may now be able to see their favourite nature reserves – and many will have sadly missed the best of the UK bluebells this year due to lockdown. So the Trust welcomes this initiative to share the wonder of nature in our local reserves.