WEGO archiving history the climate friendly way

Even business archiving can help reduce climate change thanks to Clean Air delivery by WEGO!

WEGO, the clean air delivery company based in Nottingham, recently collected Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts history files in archive boxes for storage.

WEGO zero emission van collecting archive boxes from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
Even the simple, everyday business procedures that have to happen can be dealt with sympathetically to help reduce the impact of climate change
Chris Beattie, Founder and Company Director

Chris continued, “We have a great relationship with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and equally support their local actions in return!”

WEGO couriers have a genuine passion for helping the environment by improving air quality and reducing harmful traffic emissions in our city centres. Utilising ultra-low emission vehicles, including electric vehicles and cargo bikes, as well as high-speed trains between key cities they provide same day and next day deliveries that are faster and greener than existing road based couriers.

Established in 1998 with a headquarters in Nottingham, WEGO are your last mile delivery experts and have recently expanded into Birmingham with a fleet of electric cars and a cycle courier for transporting urgent blood around Birmingham similar to the medical work they already carry out in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Swansea, Cardiff, Swindon, Bristol and Bath; replacing journeys that were previously being done by diesel vans with zero emission solutions.

Erin McDaid, Head of Communications and Marketing at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust said: “WEGO are the perfect partners for the Trust, plus the history of the Trust is valuable to us to safe keep for the future. In fact, we rely on it for all sorts of records to showcase the work the Trust has done since it’s inauguration in 1963! From the recent Attenborough Nature Reserve Lifeline Appeal looking back and using our photos from over the years to records of meetings with the wardens on site to the key financial support from local organisations and the impact they can have with their valued support. WEGO manages this for us with zero transport emissions.”

Click here for more information about Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts business partnerships or ask for Holly McCain on 0115 958 8242.