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Wildlife is in Crisis

Thousands of birds, insects and other animals across Nottinghamshire and the country are finding it harder to survive. Plants and trees are under pressure too. 

The Wildlife Trusts and friends have convinced the Westminster Government of the need for a new law - An Environment Act - to improve protection for our county's wildlife.

We are calling for a Nature Recovery Network to be set in law, where wildlife and wild placed are not only protected, they are restored and connected.

How would an Environment Act help Nottinghamshire?

  1. Improve people's access to nature, especially in towns and cities.
  2. Create new wild areas and wildlife corridors across the country.
  3. Keep Nottinghamshire's existing wildlife sites safe from harm.
  4. Stop Nottinghamshire's soils washing away into rivers.
  5. Improve air quality, especially in Nottingham.
  6. Reduce emissions that are contributing to climate change.
  7. Protect people's rights to a healthy natural environment.
  8. Avoid the loss of environmental protection laws after Brexit.

What do we need the Environment Act to do?

Nature Targets: Legal targets for nature's recovery that politicians must ultimately achieve and regularly report on progress towards e.g. safer air to breathe in our cities

Nature Watchdog: An independent body to help people challenge bad decisions made by Government and councils, which have a negative impact on wildlife and our natural environment.

A Nature Recovery Network: a joined up network of habitats that provide enough space for wildlife to recover, and for people to thrive.

Read the report

It's not too late to bring wildlife back

Since the story of Badger, Ratty and friends in The Wind in the Willows was written in 1908, the UK has become one of the most nature depleted nations in the world. The release of the State of Nature 2019 report shows that 1 in 7 UK species are at risk of extinction today.

We've reimagined what The Wind in the Willows might look like today in our animated trailer. Spoiler: it's not a happy story, but it doesn't have to have an unhappy ending.

What you can do

There are many ways you, your family or your place of work can help nature to recover - no matter who you are or where you live.

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Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

What we are doing

Our mission is to protect Nottinghamshire's wildlife, restore biodiversity and inspire people about the natural world. Learn more about how we plan to create a #WilderNottinghamshire

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What you can do to create a Wilder Future

Bellenden Nursery Centre Wildlife Garden

Penny Dixie

There are many ways you, your family or your place of work can help nature to recover no matter who you are or where you live. 

Take action for insects

A new report shows the devastating decline in insect populations and the long-term effects this will have on wildlife and people. But they can recover if we just give them a chance. Take the pledge to stop killing insects by reducing harmful pesticides at home and at work, and start to create healthy homes for our precious bugs and bees. 

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Honey Bee

Speak to your MP

What to expect

MPs want to know what it is you care about. Not only do they want to hear from you, they have a duty to listen - their job is to represent you in parliament! 

MPs are generally friendly and open for a chat, but they are pressed for time so don't expect meetings to last too long. Generally appointments will last around 10-15 minutes - so make sure you've got your key messages ready. You might find it helpful to prepare in advance and perhaps even rehearse what you say beforehand.

It's also important to research who your MP is. Find out what they care about and whether or not they have taken an active interest in the environment before - that way you can go to your meeting fully prepared. You can find a lot of that information here. See the 'Voting Records' section and scroll down for information about environmental voting records. 

All MP surgeries are slightly different, but in most cases you are likely to be sat in a waiting room before your appointment with people from your local area. Once it is your turn, you'll be invited into an office for your chance to persuade your MP why they should be supporting a new law for nature's recovery. You won't regret it (and to your friends, family and potential employees it sounds really impressive - so be sure to let them know!). 

 I’ll speak to my MP

How can I make my meeting effective?

Share your story

MPs love personal stories. Share yours with them, choosing experiences that have taken place in your local area and meant a lot to you. This way you can show your MP how much the natural environemtn in your area matters. Perhaps there are some moments shared with your Wildlife Trust (whether us or one of our sister Trusts) or events you've attended that stand out? Can you think how even more wildlife in your area would help to improve it?

Have a clear ask

To make your meeting as successful as possible, make sure you have some clear things to ask your MP to do for you. For example, you could ask them to write to their Party Leader e.g. Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn, and their environment team to support an ambitious Environment Act for all of te reasons shared above. You can also ask them what they think they can do to make this happen too!

Don't worry if you're not an expert

It's your MP's job to listen to you and you will probably know far more than them - just be passionate about the issue. 

Take a photo

Ask your MP if you can take a photo with them - this is a great way to let others know that people have been speaking to them about nature's recovery, and to encourage them to do the same. MPs often like the publicity too!

Next steps

Following up with your MP is a good way to keep your meeting fresh in their mind. Sending them a quick 'thank you' email is a nice way of doing this.

It might also help to take brief notes on what was said in the meting so you can remind them of anything they have committed to and hold them to it!

Download out handy tips for meeting your MP


Print out one of our posters below and ask if your MP will hold it up if you take a photo with them. 

Take action at home or at school

Take action for wildlife at home, at work or at school. Learn how to make a bug hotel, reduce your plastic use, be a eco friendly pet owner and how to help hedgehogs, badgers, birds and bees! There are simple actions we can all take to improve the future for wildlife.

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Sign our letter to Stop and Rethink HS2

Given the escalating risks to nature, it's time to stop and rethink HS2.

Add your name to our letter to the Prime Minister

Ecosystems permanently damaged. Irreplaceable habitats destroyed. Taxpayer's money spent on restoration wasted. Species extinctions at a local level. 

This could be nature's fate if the current plans for HS2 continue. 

In the most comprehensive assessment to date, our new report reveals the sheer scale of the potential damage that HS2 could cause.  

The figures are grim.

The reality could be even worse.

Given the evidence of the impacts on nature, now is the time to rethink how HS2 is being done.

This is serious, so we are taking our message straight to the top. Join us in calling on the Prime Minister to stop and rethink the entire project - while there is still time. 

Please add your name our open letter to Boris Johnson today!

Get the facts and read more about the impacts

The Wind in the Willows characters carrying campaign placards reading HS2 Stop and Rethink

What we are doing to create a wilder future

Sun filtering through trees at Strawberry Hill Heath

Strawberry Hill Heath - Photo by Electric Egg

Our mission is to protect Nottinghamshire’s wildlife, restore biodiversity and inspire people about the natural world. Learn more about how we plan to create a #WilderNottinghamshire.

Our vision for a Wilder Nottinghamshire

Front cover of the Wilder Nottinghamshire document

We want to see a wilder future for everyone. See our vision for a wilder Nottinghamshire in our latest document.

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Attenborough Nature Reserve purchase completed December 2020

The future of ANR is in our hands

The Trust was delighted at becoming the legal owners of Attenborough Nature Reserve thanks to a £750,000 grant from Biffa Award and public backing for its Attenborough Lifeline Appeal.

Now the wildlife habitats for bittern, beared tits and kingfishers to name a few can be enhanced. Providing an amazing experience for people and wildlife alike.

Broadmarsh re-imagined Autumn 2020

Concept map of Broadmarsh by Influence

Concept map of Broadmarsh by Influence

In Autumn 2020 we shared our vision for a green space to replace the derelict Broadmarsh Shopping Centre in Nottingham City.

Broadmarsh re-imagined

Idle Valley Nature Reserve 2020/21 and beyond

Plans are already in place to enhance the Idle Valley Nature Reserve for nature's recovery with the support of Severn Trent Water.

Read more here

Planning campaign support 2020

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust supported The Wildlife Trusts Planing Campaign to highlight the issues to wildlife the new proposed changes would have in the planning reforms. The public showed their support too.

The Trust shared the results of their public survey highlighting people’s concern that roads and housing developments pose a real threat to nature.

Read more here

HS2 - how will it affect Nottinghamshire?

Ecosystems permanently damaged. Irreplaceable habitats destroyed. Taxpayer's money spent on restoration wasted. Wildlife extinctions at a local level. This could be nature’s fate if the current plans for HS2 continue.

In the most comprehensive environmental assessment to date we can reveal the sheer scale of potential damage from HS2.  Our report shows that the deep cut HS2 will make across the landscape could stop nature’s recovery in its tracks. As the costs to nature escalate, we’re urging the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to use his power now to stop and rethink this project, or the scar may never heal.

Read the report  Sign our letter to the Prime Minister

Wilder Woodland Gathering

Wilder Woodland Gathering stage

Ellen Bradley

In 2019 we presented a unique event packed full of extraordinary wilder experienced to discover and enjoy.

We brought together music, poetry, art, debate and discussion under the canopy of the Skylarks woodlands. 

We were unfortunately not able to bring the same experience to life for 2020, but hope to in future years.

Learn more about the event

#TheTimeIsNow Mass Lobby - June 2019

Back in June 2019 we joined 12,000 other people in Westminster, central London, to call on our politicians to set the foundations for a brighter, greener, safer world.

All the MPs we spoke to at the lobby recognise the importance of these issues and that their constituents are passionate. They want to know that changes we want to see in policy.

Learn more about the lobby 

Take action and speak to your MP

Nottingham for Nature

#NottinghamforNature is a striking and uniquely creative campaign to influence policy and positive change for wildlife in our urban centre. This campaign is aimed at reaching a wide range of audiences, inspiring new opportunities, mobilising community action and influencing decision makers.

Following a collaborative approach between Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, political partners and young people across Nottingham City, a suite of campaign materials and a new manifesto for the city have been created. These were launched across the streets of Nottingham as part of a live #NottinghamforNature debate at the Council House in 2018 and through a range of public events.

The campaign is gaining momentum. Plans are underway for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to drive positive change for wildlife across the city by encouraging partners to adopt the manifesto and through inspiring local communities to act on nature's behalf.

Find out more

Nottingham for Nature manifesto poster FINAL