Time for change. #TheTimeIsNow

Last Wednesday was probably the most environmentally important day of my life so far. Thousands of people and their charities all flocked to London heading for Westminster for a mass rally part of 'The Time Is Now' movement.

I travelled down with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in a bid to try and persuade politicians to change the system, to try and slow down the rate to which climate change is damaging our planet to a point from which it may never recover if global action is not undertaken now.  The future for the generations to follow is one of extreme uncertainty.  

I had some great conversations with some of the conservation organisations who were present. The WWF, RSPB and many Wildlife Trusts from around the country. As well are these there were so many other organisations present all with the same agenda.  

Indy at #TheTimeIsNow mass lobby

I felt that it was a very positive event with so many young people present. Like me they hope and dream that their collective voices will be listened to.

Of course the event was important.  However it's a shame to think it has come to this, young children and teenagers on the streets of London having to shout to get their message across.  Climate change is real and the time is now to act to save our planet.

After seeing how many people seem to care about the future of our world, I feel that we can turn things around, but we have to act immediately.

Keeping It Wild at #TheTimeIsNow Mass Lobby

I did note some politicians stating how irresponsible it was for children to be absent from school missing their education.  Along with thousands of others I was proud to be present at the event. The politicians seem to miss the point, education and learning come in many different  forms.  A classroom within a building is not the only place to learn.   Above all, the young people on the march acted because they knew in their hearts that it was the right thing to do.

Indy Jesse Kiemel-Greene.