Find a nature reserve near you

Find a nature reserve near you

Matthew Roberts

From ancient woodlands full of bird song in spring, meadows brimming with wild flowers in summer to heathlands in the heart of Sherwood Forest, our reserves bring you close to nature right across the county. With dozens of peaceful and uplifting sanctuaries the length and breadth of Nottinghamshire our network of sites helps people explore the wildlife right on their doorstep. 

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Nature for health

We want more people to discover that daily contact with wildlife improves their mental health, and we want more people to care about and take action for wildlife as a result. Seeing birds near our homes, walking through green spaces filled with wild flowers, and along rivers that are clean and clear reduces stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Daily contact with nature is also linked to better physical health, including reductions in obesity and improved concentration.


Attenborough Nature Reserve

Following changes in Governement guidance on exercise, from 15th May we will reopen the car park at Attenborough Nature Reserve in order to prevent traffic and parking issues for our neighbours in Attenborough Village and along Barton Lane.

Whilst recognising that guidance has changed we are still cautious of encouraging large number of people to travel to our sites so, for now, our advice remains for people to stay local and to enjoy our reserves on foot or to travel by bicycle.

We have also installed a range of new signage advising people to maintain social distancing, avoid gathering on narrow paths and to keep a look out for any wildlife that may have chosen to nest near paths whilst visitor numbers have been reduced.

We know how much the reserve means to so many people and we hope to reopen facilities as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Idle Valley

Like all of our reserves across the county, Idle Valley remains open to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, due to concerns over the numbers of people congregating at popular destinations we have decided to close the main car park off North Road to limit numbers. Visitors can still walk in from the numerous entrances to the reserve on foot. 

With its wide open spaces, this beautiful network of lakes, wetland, grassland and woodland provides an ideal location to connect with nature and get some fresh air. 

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