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Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

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If you or your organisation want to join our gathering then please get in touch! We want to collaborate with as many like-minded supporters, partners and people as we can, whether you're a conservation group, wildlife enthusiast, eco-creative, performer, ecologist or just want to know more - as long as you want to see a wilder future for Nottinghamshire then come along.

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Jason Singh - Musician & Composer

Jason Singh

The natural world is integral to my creative practice because it is my biggest inspiration. Working with my breath, being amongst trees, the sea, observing the patterns of plants and flowers, watching micro-organisms, listening to the rhythms and melodies of birds, feeling the infinite textures of the earth, looking at planets and the stars.  All of this contributes towards the realisation that I do not live in a vacuum, but am a part of a system that is incredibly transient, interconnected and inspiring! 

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Indy Jesse Kiemel Greene - Young Naturalist

Indy at #TheTimeIsNow mass lobby

My passion for wildlife started when I was very young.  I remember watching a Great Spotted woodpecker on a bird feeder close to the front door of my house. I started to observe more birds using the feeder, I wanted to know what they all were.  My curiosity and desire to learn more grew and grew.  So my love for nature and the natural world started on my doorstep.

As time has passed I have expanded my knowledge, and through this I have discovered the threats the natural world faces each and every day.  Many of my favourite bird species are in trouble, and I want to help in any way I can.

I joined my local RSPB reserve at Sherwood Forest.  Here I have helped to create habitat for some of the Uk's specialised heathland birds.  I also help to lead guided bird walks in the forest for  organised groups and members of the public. I also partake in surveys for the BTO, and volunteer for the Notts Wildlife Trust helping with conservation projects.

Further afield I spend a portion of the summer on the Isle of Mull, Scotlamd assisting two wildlife guides with their wildlife tours on the island.  This I have been doing for four years now.  

Of recent I have been involved in 'The time is Now' movement attending rallies in London.  I along with thousands of people, many the same age as me attempting to prompt governments to implement laws which may help to reverse the extreme perils we as humans are inflicting on our amazing planet.

Lucy McRobert - Wildlife Storyteller

Lucy McRobert and her book, 365 Days Wild

Lucy McRobert is a wildlife storyteller. Her first book, 365 Days Wild (William Collins, 2019) offers 365 ways to make nature part of your life every day. She is a columnist for Birdwatch magazine and has written for BBC Wildlife, Birdwatching, and the acclaimed Seasons (Elliott & Thompson, 2016). In 2015, she was placed 38th on BBC Wildlife first wildlife power list. Passionate about encouraging the next generation of nature conservationists, she co-founded the youth nature network, A Focus On Nature. She is a keen birder and wildlife-watcher.

Tim Birch - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Tim Birch, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

I'm head of Living Landscapes at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. One of the projects I'm particularly proud of is the ground breaking project to vaccinate badgers in Derbyshire which is now the largest such project in England. I'm passionate about making our National Parks wilder.

I've worked across the planet for Greenpeace and other organisations  in my 30 year career in environment and nature conservation. Issues I've campaigned on include rainforest destruction in the Amazon and Indonesia, toxic pollution of our oceans and rivers and anti whaling campaigns.

I'm particularly excited about the developing Rewilding agenda. The ongoing destruction of the natural world and how we can turn this around motivates me every single day. Helping to connect people to wildlife is a passion. 

Keeping it Wild - Youth Team

Mike Dilger Keeping it Wild N4N

Mike Dilger with Keeping it Wild

Keeping it Wild are the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust youth team ageing between 13-25 years old. Keeping it Wild is all about coming together and doing great things for nature. Speaking out for nature, Keeping it Wild are natural campaigners, taking part in events and projects across Nottinghamshire, from hosting festival wild games to wild silent discos, Keeping it wild like to have fun and promote the work of the trust where possible!

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Dr Rob Lambert - Environment Academic & Naturalist

Dr Rob Lambert

Dr Rob Lambert is an environment academic at the University of Nottingham, birder & naturalist, broadcaster and expedition ship lecturer. He is currently Vice-President of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Ambassador for Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust, having previously served as Vice-President of the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust. In 2012, he co-founded A Focus on Nature (AFON). Rob has worked as a contributor, talking head expert or script consultant on a number of television and radio documentaries, including: Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival; Birds Britannia; The Making of Scotland’s Landscape; When Britain went Wild; Why the British Love Wildlife; Torrey Canyon: toxic tide. Most importantly and nerve-rackingly, Rob was runner-up in ‘Wild Brain of Britain’ at Birdfair in 2011 & 2012! 

Sarah Maloy - Shop Zero

Sarah Maloy - Shop Zero

From plastic pollution to climate change, public consciousness about how we impact upon our environment is growing. Sarah’s aim is to empower people to make their move to a more sustainable way of living.

She runs a company called Join the Dots - sustainability made simple linking with community, businesses, educational establishments and individuals. Her current focus is on living a lower waste life and her most notable projects are SHOP ZERO - a zero waste store based in the Front Shop at the Malt Cross in Nottingham City Centre, and Nottingham Fixers - a voluntary group who run community Repair Cafes. 

Sarah is qualified to Masters and PhD level in environmental studies (with a particular interest in Ecology) and worked for a number of years in project management coordinating and delivering a range of sustainable development and health projects both at a corporate level and within communities. She is also a practising primary teacher.

Shop Zero

Skate Nottingham

Skate Nottingham

Tom Quigley

Skate Nottingham are a non-profit community organisation working to unlock the potential of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s globally significant skateboarding community, putting the city and county on the map in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and engaging young people in creative and educational projects linked to their passion for skate culture, including film, photography, design and the built environment, social action and community organising.  With National Lottery funding in 2019, and also with support from Nottinghamshire County Council’s ‘Local Improvement Scheme’, Skate Nottingham have delivered the ‘Radical Places’ campaign, combining sanctioned skate jams in ‘unloved’, dilapidated or under-used urban spaces with workshops engaging academics, architects and planners alongside young local skateboarders to reimagine a more active, inclusive and healthy urban environment. 

With Nottingham currently having the lowest income and youth opportunity index rankings in the country, alongside falling personal wellbeing and happiness scores and rising anxiety (according to the Office for National Statistics), it is increasingly important to explore new partnerships to enable young people to pursue healthy, active lifestyles and to come up with creative solutions for extending and revitalising green spaces as well as urban structures in a way that gives young people agency and ownership.

You can read all about Skate Nottingham’s ‘Unlock the Pit’ project in the underused space at the foot of Maid Marion Way here

Skate Nottingham will be at Wilder Woodland Gathering on the 21st August with skate obstacles, professional standard skateboards and helmets and qualified coaches for anyone to have a go (ages 8+), alongside demonstrations from expert local skateboarders.

Skate Nottingham